Villagers use new ways as climate change bites

After experiencing the vanishing of vegetation, drying up of rivers and soil errosion which threatened their livelihood, villagers in Usambara East are now turning to environment-friendly farming techniques to offset climate change impacts.

Energy and Climate Change

Water intakes and scheme in Misalai and Kwelumbizi

In November 2017 we reach some of the objectives in the water component of this program. The objetives we had reach are focused in the communitys of Misalai and Kwelumbizi (Muheza Disctrict), to supply water of enough quality to the different communities of the zone. The situation in the zone was precarious; they were part …

Energy and Climate Change

Fuelwood Energy Saving Stoves for Climate Change Adaptation

The project of introduction Fuelwood Energy Saving Stoves in the community of East Usambara Mountains in Tanzania started in October 2016. The project is implemented through a partnership between ONGAWA, Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG) and Muheza District Council (MDC) The objective was to replace the old stoves that were installed in the kitchens sending …

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