We have worked in Mozambique since 2007 to improve the practice of human rights and Access to basic needs in rural and peri-urban areas of the country. How programs have benefited more than 300.000 people.

In Manhiça, a small city located 80 km away from Maputo, we have undertaken a program of access to water, sanitation and hygiene as to improve the health of the inhabitants of the peripheral neighborhoods, in which water related diseases – such as diarrhea – are one of the principal causes of mortality, specially in young children.

We improve access and the management of basic services, promote citizen and civil society participation in local government spaces.

We also promote the improvement of governance and support social and communitarian organizations for them to increase their incidence capacity, participation and collaboration with local governments in matters that directly affect the practice of human rights such as sanitation, water or the management of natural resources.

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