Our work in the country is focused on securing the practice of The Human Right to Water and Sanitation of the most vulnerable collectives, especially in rural areas, in which poverty and the difficulty of accessing basic needs are concentrated.

We promote Access to water and sanitation, the sustainable management of natural resources and the political and economic empowering of women.

Since 2015 we lead the PARAGUA initiative, and Alliance of Nicaraguan organizations and Spanish Development NGO’s to improve the coverage and quality of water and sanitation in the countries rural areas. Protect and manage recharging areas in a sustainable manor and strengthen local and national organizations implicating in the practice of the right to water and sanitation. The initiative will improve the situation of over 20.000 people and relies on the support of the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation Towards development (AECID).

In 2018, a new program begins to improve Access to water and sanitation in rural communities of “El Corredor Seco”, one of the areas most vulnerable to climate change in South America. The drought and variation in precipitation have an enormous impact on communities struck by poverty and in needs of basic services. Our challenge is to extend and guarantee access to water and strengthen the management capacities of Water and Sanitation committees in the respective communities.

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