ONGAWA Works in Tanzania since 1996, improving people’s lives and communities through the universal and equitable Access to basic services such as water and sanitation and the ethical and sustainable management of natural resources. In these years, we have provided access to safe water to over 200.000 people in 50 communities.

Improving peoples and rural communities lives through the sustainable management of natural resources and access to basic services such as water, sanitation and energy.

We promote the sustainable management of watershed in ensure the supply of water and reduce its vulnerability to climate change. We work side by side with local administration responsible for management in order to strengthen the capacities and ensure communitarian and peoples participation.

Since 2015, we work with the support of the Global Climate Change Alliance program of the European Union in the Usambara mountains environment, one of the areas with the most biodiversity of the region, to increase and diversify income, as well as to improve resilience and the adaptation to climate change, of 2.500 families in 8 different rural communities.

In 2017, we started a program to improve access to water in the watershed of the Saseni river in the “Same” district which, aside from the construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure, includes the development of sustainable management of the natural resources of the watershed and the strengthening of user communities to ensure the future sustainability of the service.


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