Put in to service event in the communities of Mahembe, Chanka and Msimba (Kigoma – Tanzania)

Crónica enviada por Lucía Sales, coordinadora de programa en Kigoma (Tanzania), sobre la llegada del agua del sistema Mkongoro II.

Ésta es una crónica enviada por Lucía Sales desde Kigoma (Tanzania) sobre la llegada del agua del sistema Mkongoro II:

Dear all,

This mail is to inform you about the “put in to service event” that took place last Friday 15th of January in the communities of Mahembe, Chanka and Msimba. Also, we want to share with you that moment with some photos that we guess you will like to see a lot and share with other members of ISF.

Regarding to this event Clemence, will update you more in detail and in a technical way, but in a general way I can advance you that was good and gratefully, but also some challenges took place.

The water was running in Msimba and Mahembe, with enough pressure, but in Chanka, that day, the water was not arriving to the DPs, even if the day before was fine. So the team is trying to solve it now.

The event took place with the Water Engineer of the District, the members of the WUA office, ISF team and WEDECO. We visited different DPs in each community, meeting with al the WUGs members and water users, and in each one, the chairman of the WUA, together with ISF and District were “inaugurating” what we call “moment cero”: the water is running and the beneficiaries have to start paying the tariff that was approved. Explanations, advise and emphasizing about the tariff structure, payments, etc took place. Also The WUA received the water receipts book to distribute them to all the WUGs. In all the communities were questions and comments that were solving.

In Mahembe at the end, they request for a short meeting with us before leaving. Around 50 people joint this meeting. Some of the questions of the community were a bit complaining issues. They were complaining about the amount of the tariff to be pay. We realized that most of them didn´t join the previous meeting of CR and constitution were the 600 tzs tariff was agreed, so it’s not representative from the all community of Mahembe. Bona, WUA chairman and District, explained to them that in a democratically way was agreed that amount among all the communities as a multi town project.

Even if we consider that this complains don’t represent the all community of Mahembe, its important to consider them and know that part of the community its not happy with it, in order to avoid problems in the future about tariff payments.

We are happy with the results and we know that in every place, projects etc..these situations can happen and always there is people that disagrees with something. Now ISF will be monitoring and supporting these communities to know how is working this big management structure of Mkongoro II.

So, Karibu sana all these photos and this desire moment!!!. In the end of March will take place the same event in the rest 3 communities. Looking forward for it!!!

The official inauguration and handing over of all the system, together with the UE, ISF and District its plan between the 23-25 of March.

Best regards,

Lucía Sales Machí

Programme Coordinator Advisor

ISF Kigoma

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