The university environment is ONGAWA’s strategic bid since our birth as an organization in 1991 at Madrid’s Polytechnic University. We work in order to build global citizenship and link resereach and knowledge development to the solution to development problems, and to this objective we offer students formation and participation proposals that answer to their concerns and allow them to commit to a fairer and more sustainable world.

We offer formative and active participation proposals to students and resources to teachers in order for them to incorporate human development in their scholastic and research practices.

We carry out formative actions around engeneering, technology and human development in universities and technical colleges. Collaborating with research groups and linking their areas of expertise to our programs, orientating innovation and the creation of knowledge. Taking over development  problems such as the lack of access to basic needs in rural areas.

In 2015 ONGAWA and the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM), put in action “Global Challenge” an innovative formation program and volunteering initiative to shape, raise awareness and implicate students in a different way to understand engineering. The objective is to promote the application of the knowledge acquired throughout students academic background as to contribute with solutions to the big challenges the planet faces.

Global Challenge combines formative spaces and reflection with volunteer teamwork who raise charitable activities in pursuance of making the university a space more engaged with people and the planet. All this in the most compatible manor with the academic program and inside the University itself.

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