Transparency and accountability are a practice of responsibility towards our social platform (members, volunteers and collaborators), towards all the insititutions (companies, public administration and civil society) who support us and who we partner with in Spain and in the countries we intervene in, and towards all who benefit from our projects.


We are accountable towards the general public and those who support us.

  • We hold two yearly assemblies open to all members as open spaces where the Board of directors reports back and the participants can ask for any additional information and have an influence on the nucleus of the organization
  • We inform all our members, contributors and volunteers periodically through monthly newsletters, The yearly activity memory, and a space on the internet itself.
  • We put all relevant information about the association to the service of the general public, with detailed explanations about the use of funds.
  • All information regarding the activity and results obtained in specfic projects or programs is layed out to all individuals involved in them.
  • We commit to answering adequately any information request, or suggestion made through any of our open communication channels.

We audit our management externally

  • We are one of the 44 Spanish (development) NGO’s qualified by the Spanish agency of international cooperation towards development (AECID), which means that the agency recognizes us, due to our ways and results, as an associate for the execution of their cooperation politics, being able to opt for the conventions that are exclusively reserved to qualified organizations

Ver certificado como ONGD calificada. Generalista (20016)

Ver certificado como ONGD calificada. Especializada en tecnología (2005)

  • From 2001 until 2014, we are evaluated by the “Fundación Lealtad” (Loyalty foundation) fullfilling at all times 100% of their principles of transparency and governability.

Ver Certificado evaluación ONGAWA 2014

  • Since 2015 we have substituted said evaluation for the auditing of the Transparency and good governance tool of the NGO coordinator of Spain, exceeding the pre-established requirements in each of their blocks.

Ver Informe de cumplimiento 2016

We audit our accounts and those of our projects

  • We submit our accounts yearly to an external audit

Ver cuentas anuales e informe auditoría 2016

  • We submit the majority of our programs and projects to external auditors demanded by our financers in relation to economic and financial justification
  • We are subject to the Subsidy law and to the control of public administration that provide the financing.
  • Our salaries are adjusted to the norm established by the National Action and Social Intervention Accord.

We follow conduct codes

  • We rely on a strict self-generated code of conduct aprove by the nucleus of the government
  • We follow the Code of conduct of the NGO coordinator.
  • We demand an obligatory compliance code of conduct to all private entities aiming to collaborate with the association
  • We have an equality plan since March 2011 made up of a previous diagnostic
  • We follow an Investment policy

Quality and management orientated towards human development results

  • All our actions are evaluated according to quality criteria and human development results obtained
  • We rely on policies, norms and internal procedures approved by the governmental nucleus which contributes to a better activity management, and as to guarantee it adequate control and supervision
  • We rely on a planning system, following, monitoring and evaluation of the general activities of the association, and also of each one of our projects in order to ensure and efficient practice of our strategic framework.


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