We put people and their capacity to generate change at the heart of our work.

We battle to end poverty and inequalities, gender in particular and we put special attention to the most vulnerable collectives. We want an engaged society to promote and demand necessary social changes. We commit to development projects that achieve sustainable results over time.


We work through our development programs for the realization of human rights, of water and sanitation in particular. We do this side by side with communities and local organizations, generating real change in people’s lives and insuring sustainability in the time-span of said changes.

We see poverty as an infringement of Human Rights.

  • We increase the supply of basic services in rural Africa and Latin America, strengthening public and communitarian organizations responsible for these services.
  • We apply ICT’s in order to improve the probabilities of economic and political involvement of people in rural areas, specially of women.
  • We promote sustainable management of natural resources to insure life quality and the practice of human rights
  • We support social and communitarian organizations in order for them to improve their impact capacity and we promote their participation in decision making spaces that are related to water and sanitation services or the management of natural resources.


We promote a global citizenship made up of people engaged in the making of a fair society based on human rights and intolerant towards poverty. We explore new languages and ways of participation to augment the impact of our campaign, with a foot in the streets and another one in the web.

We are convinced that people are at the core of social shifts.

We work in a network and with established partnerships of key stakeholders and social organizations to join forces towards shared objectives, creating proposals and influencing in public policies, both in Spain and in the countries we intervene in.


The evaluation and systematization of our work allows us to optimize the teachings we generate to be ever more efficient in our battle against poverty and for human rights. We share what we learn in order to make it available to our allies and the rest of stakeholders involved in development, both national and internationally.

Knowledge and innovation are at the core of our approach to development and the battle against poverty.

We partner with universities and research centres to explore new solutions to problems such as access to basic needs or the adaptation to climate change. We think that innovating for development only makes sense if people’s lives and the quality of life of vulnerable collectives is improved in a sustainable manor. That is why their participation is essential to secure the viability of the proposed solutions.

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