Clean water: cooperation + research in Manhiça (Mozambique)

We begin a new Project in Maluana, one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Maniça, in southern Mozambique. Barely half of the population has Access to water and less than 20% to appropriate sanitation. Diseases related to the lack of water and sanitation, such as diarrhea, are one of the primary health problems in the neighbourhood, especially between boys and girls.

Our objective is to improve the health of the 5,500 people in Maluana through acces to water and sanitation, reducing disease statistics and child mortality rate. We will do it – with the collaboration of the local administration and the participation of locals – building and rehabilitating wells to ensure coverage, supporting the installation of toilets, and promoting in homes and schools better hygiene practices.

Together with the Global Health Institute, we will measure the impact of the intervention on the decrease of digestive infection that affect primary school students and in the reduction of diseases and death in the area. The results will allow us to counsel local and national government and impact their priorities on water, sanitation and hygiene investments.

The project counts with the support of the Agencia Extremeña de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AEXCID), and other collaborating entities, and has earned one of the prices that the Anesvad Foundation hands each year to recognise innovative initiatives and with an impact of the health of people in Africa.

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