Integration of Climate Change and Development Strategies at Local Levels

The Sustainability Research Institute, School of Earth and Environment of the University of Leeds had elaborated an article analyzing the threats and challenges that Climate Change supposed to Muheza District in Tanzania.

In this paper, we develop and apply a framework to explore policy and governance aspects of Climate Compatible Development at local levels, with a focus on opportunities for and barriers to its operationalisation

Traditionally Climate Change has been analyzing in national perspective, omitting working with sub-national levels in order to achieve Climate Compatible Development (CCD). The study suggests that building capacity within local government authorities and at the national level are required achieving CCD at sub-national levels. The transition to new models based on environmental sustainability development, requires the coordination across a wide range of actors operating at different levels and sectors.

Mitigation, adaptation, and development are basic to achieve the transition to these new models and can vary across the time and space having to adapt constantly. It is a framework to enhance human development, while at the same time reducing the risks posed by climate change.

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