Since 2007 we work improving access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in rural areas of the country, using them at the service of human development, the battle against poverty and promoting human rights.

The Willay program (“to communicate” in quechua), which ONGAWA has lead with the participation of several social organizations and the support of Spanish Cooperation, has strengthened the capacity of more than 50 local institution and improved democratic governance, citizen participation and the quality of basics services such as water, health or education of thousands of people.

We improve the practice of human rights in rural areas, applying Information and Communication Technologies to public management of basic services, political participation and local development.

The Willay program has allowed us to generate knowledge on how to apply ICT’s in order to solve rural development issues, as well as to share them with public administration offices, international institutions and social organizations.

Our strategic bet for the improvement of governance, management of natural resources and citizen participation as key factors to sustainable development has continued in the Anco district, one of the poorest areas of Peru, where a program to improve the human rights situation, through the strengthening both of local administration and civil societies has been undertaken.

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